Cyril Bartlett

The originals of the papers from which the book and this website are being created is fronted with this declaration:

Dennis Cyril Bartlett – eldest son of Cyril George Bartlett and Jessica Kate Bartlett expresses the wish that these papers, letters, postcards, photographs and mementoes be safeguarded, preserved carefully in perpetuity in treasured memory of our dear parents. It is provided in my Will that these items be handed to the most senior surviving member of the Bartlett family and thereafter in order of seniority to their children and in turn to their children.

The three medals are bequeathed to Jeffrey in accordance with his grandfather’s wishes and it will be his responsibility to hold them in trust for the family and pass them on or bequeath them as he considers appropriate for future generations.

By hand
8th February 1981
D C Bartlett

This further editors note appears at the beginning of the book:

These papers were entrusted to me in 2010 by my brother-in-law, Dennis C Bartlett, so that they could be compiled into chronological order and given some context and structure.

Cyril G Bartlett was my father-in-law and I knew him from 1954 to his death in 1979.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to read and edit these papers and I hope I have done justice to the memory of a brave, sensitive and devoted family man.

12th January 2011
Elizabeth Bartlett