Useful Links and acknowledgements

Stu Nicholls - CSS Play I've used ideas from Stu Nicholls' CSS Play site, which I heartily recommend, including the design of the menu system. I added gradient images made with Free online tool- Gradient Image Maker from Dynamic Drive.

The footer solution I've used is based on the CSS Sticky Footer solution from aXemedia.

Speaking of footers, you'll have noticed the validation logos in the footer on every page of the website: I've found the validation services from W3C to be a great help in ensuring that the site meets xhtml standards and the code behaves as expected. If you are developing a site I recommend using these compliance tools: despite throwing up a lot of errors in what appears to be a perfectly functional web-page they will save you time and effort in the long run.

The galleries and some sections elsewhere on the site use a JavaScript based system from Highslide which made building those sections much easier.

Dropbox The storage and file-sharing tool Dropbox has been invaluable in working with Liz to share files and collaborate in preparing materials for this site. (and you can get 2Gb of storage free as well).

I've had a lot of help and inspiration for the design from many sources but I found the Design Depot section on contrast particularly useful.

Throughout the development of the site I have had help, advice and testing from several sources. Special thanks is however due to Duncan Tincello for endless technical and design consultations.

Hosting is provided by Netweaver Netweaver

XHTML and CSS Code

If you plan to copy any of the coding techniques used on this site you are welcome to do so as long as you comply with the conditions detailed in the Terms of Use

All of the tools I've used are generously offered free by their developers for use on personal, not-for-profit websites such as this one. The exceptions are Netweaver who I'm paying for hosting and Roundedcornr who ask for a donation. Most of the others are not free for company or profitable use, which you will need to keep in mind if you use parts of my code that incorporate them.